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Plugzio Demo Stand

This stand can be used to experience the Plugzio platform first hand. In addition to that, you can use the stand during sales and training presentations.

Besides the plastic stand, every other item including the Plugzio Unit, 15A regular plug-head and the 4-in square device box can be separately resold and/or reused.


Demo stand includes a 15A Plugzio Integrated unit

Plugzio platform supports two types of hardware, Plugzio Integrated Outlet and Plugzio Universal.

Plugzio Cellular Demo Stand

Best for demo purposes in multiple locations. When plugged into power, the device instantly communicates to the Plugzio Cloud using the built-in e-sim.

Plugzio WiFi Demo Stand

Best for lab testing. Device will need an external WiFi to connect with. You can tether your phone for demo purposes or connect to a local WiFi network for a more stable connection.

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