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City of Coquitlam Power Station

6 Power Stations has been installed at the City of Coquitlam to support EV charging in the city.

  • 3 stations are located at the City Hall

  • 3 stations are available at the Library


Bring Your Own Charger & Power it up

Coquitlam Power Stations can provide up to 11 km per hour of charge (1.9 kWh).


For now, no registration is required to use these power stations so bring your own charger and plug it in to use power.


Make sure you lock your vehicle before you leave, as that will also lock your EV charger to your vehicle so no one can take it away.

Maximizing charging speed

If you drive a Tesla, purchase the NEMA 5-20 plug head adapter from the Tesla shop ($35)to receive the full 16A of power from this station.

If you drive any EV with a J1772 port, if the default charger doesn’t support 16A, then this charger from Amazon can offer you full power at an affordable price.

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