Plugzio v.s. Level 2

Charging Cost Comparison

The range of your EV dependents solely on your vehicle's battery size, a faster home charger doesn't magically give you more range.

This page will compare the cost of installing 30 Level 2 (240V) chargers with 30 Plugzio Level 1 (120V) chargers over 10 years.

First let's compare costs associated with a single installation

Installing an electric vehicle charger is a long-term cost

Unlike a product you would buy of-the-shelf, the true cost of an electric vehicle charger often becomes apparent after the installation!

With the savings you can install 183 more Plugzio units and solve the EV charging problem once and for all!

But let's be fair Level 2 charging is faster. What if I need to go somewhere far?

This circle shows the minimum distance (40 miles = ~70 km) Level 1 can get you on an overnight charge from 
Downtown New York
 - Try your own city

And if you need to travel further, you need a bigger battery, not a faster charger!

If your phone constantly runs out of battery before you get home to charge it, you will get a battery pack or an outlet at your destination, not a faster charging cable at home! Don't let some Level 2 sales people sabotage your common sense!

According to Forbes, "If an office can put in 5 low-power chargers for the cost of one Level 2 charger, that might be the better choice since most cars travel only 40 miles/day."

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