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Charging for Usage

Plugzio platform allows you to set different rates for usage to recoup all your costs and potentially make some money on the side.

Plugzio management dashboard allows several distinct ways to charge for the usage of Plugzio hardware.


Payment Plans

Payment Handling

Per hour of usage measured in seconds

You can charge for usage per duration just like parking. You will be basically selling an hourly rate for a space that comes with electricity (is this legal?).

Flat rate at the beginning of the session

The user will be asked to pay a flat fee every time they try to activate a session; As if someone is sitting on a stool there that charges you money before letting you park & charge!

Charge based on consumption of energy in kWh

Plugzio is an international company and in some of our client's jurisdictions reselling electricity is allowed! Make sure to check local policy for your specific usage scenario.

Extract Revenues
Device managers can extract revenues in 3 ways:
  • PayPal auto deposit into the bank of their choice

  • E-transfer to an email or phone

  • Mailing a physical check to an address in North America

Note: Plugzio does not take any commissions from the revenue. Managers get to extract 100% of the revenue generated via our platform.

User Wallet
Transactions within Plugzio network happen using user's Plugzio wallets

Plugzio wallets can be topped up using any credit card online. We use the trusted services of PayPal as our payment processor. The client can use any payment card via PayPal to top up their Plugzio wallet. PayPal charges 2.9% + 30c commission per transaction which is one of the lowest in the industry.

Multiple Wallets
A user can have multiple wallets in multiple currencies

Users and Plugzio managers can have multiple wallets under their account to effectively separate accounts. As an example work usage charge can be taken from a separate payment card than home usage. Or for a manager each property can be on a separate revenue wallet for ease of accounting.


You can also mix and match payment plans

As an example, $1 per activation and $0.20 per hour afterwards.

Flat rates can be used to recoup installation costs (like toll fees) and removed after break-even point.

Since Plugzio uses a fixed amount of power for electric vehicles setting an hourly rate can be a close proximate to actual power consumption.

Each user can be on a different payment plan

As an example, the concierge or facility crew can be on a FREE usage plan vs electric vehicle drivers who must pay a fee.

Plugzio platform allows for custom user centered plans. This modularity allows you to be flexible with your rates and offer group prices.


Charge a fixed monthly fee

A flat rate will be taken from the user at a specific day of month based on a subscription model.

You can choose to charge a flat fee for unlimited usage in a specific time period. Think of it as short term rent of space, power included!

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