Plugzio Cloud

​The most comprehensive power analytics & payments platform. Plugzio Cloud powers all Plugzio products

Basic Features

These features are included in all Plugzio Cloud plans

Consumption Tracking

Track usage consumption (Voltage, Current and Power over time) in a feature rich user dashboard. Ability to extract data in excel format for further analysis & reporting.

Monetize Usage

To start accepting payments, you can create payment plans and easily assign them to users and/or devices. Rates can be per hour, per kWh or per activation.

Access Control

Manage & control who can access devices under management. Set usage policies and quotas for each user.

Premium Features

Devices that are shared between multiple users can benefit from these premium features.

No Commissions

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility and not taking commissions is our way of helping the cause.

Safety & Vandalism Tools

Mobile app will notify you immediately when you have been unplugged or if potential vandalism is sensed.

Over the Air Updates

Your Plugzio device will improve over time. To ensure maximum safety, reliability and usability, we regularly release updates over the air to our products.

Enterprise Features

Managing electricity across multiple devices and users can't get any easier than this.

Usage Policy
Private or Public

Public: Anyone having access to the Device ID can activate it, just like a parking meter.

Private: Only specific people defined by the manager can access the Plugzio device.

Multi Wallet Management

If you manage multiple properties, Plugzio Cloud lets you assign devices and/or users to separate accounts to save you from manual time-consuming account management.

Open APIs

Plugzio Cloud can work with any 3rd party payment providers. OCPP devices can also be integrated into Plugzio Cloud.

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