Plugzio Integrated

Plugzio integrated is a drop-in replacement for existing outlets that allows access control, consumption monitoring and usage monetization.

Installation Pictures


Hardware Specifications

Voltage: 120V AC*

Current: 15A or 20A*

*Certified for use in US and Canada

Conforms to:

UL 508 (Industrial Control Equipment)

CSA C22.2 No. 320  

Basic Features

These features are included in all Plugzio Cloud plans

Consumption Tracking

Track usage consumption (Voltage, Current and Power over time) in a feature rich dashboard. Extract data in Excel format for further analysis & reporting.

Monetize Usage

Start accepting payments by creating payment plans and easily assign them to users and/or devices. Rates can be per hour, per kWh or per activation.

Access Control

Manage & control who can access devices under management. Set usage policies and quotas for each user.

Connection Type

To give you maximum power & control, all Plugzio products are smart & connected. Here are the 3 ways Plugzio devices can communicate with Plugzio Cloud.

No infrastructure beyond
cell signal needed

Plugzio Cellular automatically connects to Plugzio Cloud without requiring any network setup. Network access fees of $4.99/mo will apply.

Most cost-effective and scalable solution

Plugzio WiFi is designed for larger projects where reliable WiFi is available. The affordability of the WiFi hardware compensates for the additional cost of a WiFi router.

No network access or infrastructure needed

Plugzio Bluetooth is designed for areas with unreliable cellular or WiFi connections. Bluetooth connects asynchronously with Cloud through the Plugzio App.

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