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Hardware Type

Plugzio offers two affordable products that will fit every installation scenario.

Plugzio Integrated
120V - 15A or 20A (30A relay)

This device is a drop-in replacement for existing outlets that allows access control, consumption monitoring and usage monetization.

Plugzio Universal
120V - 20A (30A relay)

Make any electric vehicle charger or outlet smart by installing it in-line with Plugzio Universal.

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Connection Type

To give you maximum power & control, all Plugzio products are smart & connected. Here are the 3 ways Plugzio devices can communicate with Plugzio Cloud.

No infrastructure beyond
cell signal needed

Plugzio Cellular automatically connects to Plugzio Cloud without requiring any network setup. Network access fees of $4.99/mo will apply.

Most cost-effective and scalable solution

Plugzio WiFi is designed for larger projects where reliable WiFi is available. The affordability of the WiFi hardware compensates for the additional cost of a WiFi router.

No network access or infrastructure needed

Plugzio Bluetooth is designed for areas with unreliable cellular or WiFi connections. Bluetooth connects asynchronously with Cloud through the Plugzio App.

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Feature Selection

The power of Plugzio lies within its cloud management platform. Each Plugzio device, regardless of communication type, connects to Plugzio Cloud.

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