Plugzio is a consumption monitored outlet that automatically bills the user who authenticates it. Plugzio is OFF by default and only starts the flow of electricity when the user activates it on a mobile phone. Plugzio bills the user and pays the owner, making charging as simple as a tap.


Activation is as simple as scanning the QR code or inserting the activation number on our intuitive mobile friendly web-app. It only takes seconds for Plugzio to get activated. After the first activation, Plugzio ID will be saved on the user's dashboard for a hassle free control and consecutive activations.


There is a one time free setup required after installation for the owner to specify the usage price for the outlets (based on a few variables available) and how they would want to receive the payments.


Plugzio Cellualr comes with a built-in sim card and will not require any additional devices to operate. Its a true all in one package.


General Info 

Type: Smart Receptacle 

Wire Nut connection  


Listing Agencies/Third Party Information 

CSA Standard: Yes (SPE-1000)  


Internal Dimensions (inserted to 2 gang device box) 

Depth: 32mm 

Height: 72mm 

Width: 81.5mm 


External Dimensions (external to 2 gang device box) 

Depth: 44mm 

Height: 125mm 

Width: 125mm 


Technical Information 

Operating Voltage: 120V AC

Max Current: 15A

Plugzio V1.0 15A

SKU: 1007
  • Every Plugzio comes with 1 year of full service.

    In case you are wondering what happens to Plugzio after service time expires, I invite you to read this article in our Knowledge Base.