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Plugzio is a smart outlet that turns a regular 120V outlet into a consumption monitored outlet that can authenticate and bill users for electricity consumed.


View & download the Product Manual: Product Brochure.pdf

View & download the installation Manual: Plugzio Model 120C20V1 Manual.pdf


Usage instructions:

  • Step 1: Plug your device (Electric Vehicle, e-bicycle, e-scooter, etc) into Plugzio
  • Step 2: Open Plugzio (web or mobile app) and active the outlet (using the Plug # or QR code)
  • Step 3: Confirm the charge (price set by management) and enjoy the flow of electricity


Installation instructions:

  • Step 1: Connect the three color coded wires to power using wire nuts or marettes.
  • Step 2: Wait for the front LED to turn blinking blue (may take up to 5 min).


General Info 

Type: Smart Receptacle 

Wire Nut connection  


Listing Agencies/Third Party Information 

CSA Standard: Yes

UL Standard: Yes - Pre-approved


Technical Information 

Operating Voltage: 120 V ac

Operating Current: 15A or 20A

Plugzio 120V Smart Outlet

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Service Years
  • Credit Card processing in our platform is done via the trusted services of PayPal and they take a nominal commission for CC processing (about 2.9%).


    Plugzio, on the other hand, does NOT take any commisions on transactions, Zero, Nada. What the user pays the management is what the management gets. Plugzio's mission is to"Accelerate the adoption of electric modes of transportation by creating the path of least resistance when it comes to charging" and not charging comission helps our cause.


    In case you are wondering what happens to Plugzio after service time expires, I invite you to read this article in our Knowledge Base.