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Plugzio low-power electric vehicle charging solution allows you to offer 5x more long-term charging facilities than high-power charging solutions. That means, 5 EV drivers will be happily charging instead of the lucky first driver.

According to Forbes, "If an office can put in 5 low-power chargers for the cost of one Level 2 charger, that might be the better choice since most cars travel only 40 miles/day."


Recent Installations


Simon Fraser University (SFU) installed 43 Plugzio Integrated units 

SFU saved more than $250,000 by choosing Level 1 as their scalable electric vehicle charging solution. The total cost of installation per space was below $1,100 including the Plugzio units and a new transformer, compared to the ~$6,600 lost quote per space for Level 2 charging.

Plugzio Best Use-cases

Use Cases
Lamp Post Charging

Plugzio integrated outlet can be installed just like a regular outlet on city lamp posts to allow garage orphans or anyone to fully charge their electric vehicles overnight.

Lamp posts that upgrade to LED lights already have the extra capacity to support low-power EV charging.

Unused Parking Structures

Libraries, churches and/or community centers have underutilized parking spaces that can be affordably turned into low-power EV charging spots. This allows electric vehicle drivers who don't have a personal parking space or a private charger to plug-in overnight.

Fleet / Workplace Charging

Are you tired of the hassle and expense associated with electric vehicle Level 2 chargers?


Plugzio will not only keep your fleet fully charged and help you generate extensive reports , but it will do it at a fraction of the cost. Plugzio will not only save you money now but will also save you from unnecessary on-going expenses associated with high-power chargers.

The ROI is typically within a year

A typical Plugzio installation costs $1,200. Assuming the device is used an average of 10 hours a day with a payment plan of $1/hr, your ROI will be within 6 months.

No Overhead

Plugzio doesn't require any training to be installed or setup, this allows you to use existing staff to perform the installation and save a lot money in the process.

Extract Detailed Reports

Reports extracted from the Plugzio platform includes detailed information about every charging session across your properties.

Multi-purpose usage

In addition to EV charging, a Plugzio outlet at a parking space can be used for many other purposes, including but not limited to electric bicycle charging, gas vehicle battery conditioning and/or even vacuum cleaning.

City of Victoria is using Plugzio for electric bicycle charging

Electric micro-mobility, electric bicycles or e-scooters are growing at an astonishing rate. By choosing Plugzio you make your property ready for any type of electric mobility.

Re-use Existing Infrastructure

Properties often have outlets already installed. Plugzio's advanced management technology allows it to be installed as a retrofit to existing infrastructure. Plugzio can automatically manage load on the circuit and prevents a circuit to get overloaded.

Low Maintenance & Fully Scalable

Plugzio devices operate on manageable current levels and therefore are highly reliable and require little to no maintenance. Plugzio devices receive regular software updates to improve functionality over time.

Customer Support

By contacting Plugzio you will talk with one of our engineers, instead of a customer service rep. We take care of our Plugzio clients and partners like a family.

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