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Seamless Activation

Experience the same level of convenience Tesla Superchargers provide but at your private parking space.


With Plugzio AutoStart activated you can experience seamless activation for you Plugzio charger so all you need to do is to plug-in your charger and leave, no more activation necessary.


Manager Setup Process

User Setup Process

Step 1:
Make the device private

In order to allow this feature, you need to put your Plugzio device under Private access mode. Learn more

Step 2:
Add the user to the private device.

Only a single user can be allowed to have seamless activation on a Plugzio device. Please "Add User" to the Plugzio device under device management tab. Learn more.

Step 1:
Make the sure you are the single user on your device.

Follow the "Manager Setup Process" or ask your manager to follow the management activation flow to allow you to have the seamless activation feature. Learn more

Step 2:
Click the check-mark to auto activate

Next time you try to activate your Plugzio device, you will allowed to automatically start sessions. Please read the details and check the box to finish setup. Read more

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