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Our mission is to be the path of least resistance when it comes to electric vehicle charging so driving an electric vehicle will be an obvious next choice for you.

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Affordable. Simple. Scalable. Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric mobility is on the rise but charging solutions are still complex & expensive. Plugzio is an electricity access control platform that gives any property the ability to monitor, manage and monetize access to electricity.

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Level 1 (120V) v.s. Level 2 (240V) charging

An electric vehicle must only recharge for the mileage driven since the last charging session not the whole battery (as falsely advertised). For a typical EV that is plugged in at 8pm, the battery will be fully charged by 2am with Level 2 (240V) and fully charged by 6am using Level 1 (120V) charging. Your range anxiety will only be solved by having an EV with a bigger battery, charging speed is irrelevant.

Plugzio v.s. ‘Smart’ Outlets

Plugzio is considered the ‘Einstein’ of other ‘smart’ outlets. Plugzio platform allows a property to monitor, manage & monetize power at a micro level (outlet level) no matter where the power is coming from (i.e. solar, grid, battery, etc.) or how it’s being used (i.e. charging an EV, vacuuming, etc.).


Plugzio Hardware

Plugzio Cloud

The most comprehensive
micro-power analytics
& payments platform

  • Power Analytics

  • Realtime Monitoring

  • Consumption Billing

  • Open API

  • Usage Policies

  • Access Management

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Plugzio Integrated Single.png
Plugzio Integrated

This device is a drop-in replacement for dumb outlets. It requires no training for an electrician to install and setup takes under 5 minutes. Access control, consumption monitoring and usage monetization comes built-in with the hardware.

Plugzio Universal

This device acts like a smart electrical junction box. Plugzio Universal allows control, monitoring & monetization of any device that gets installed in-line. Example in-line installations are electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), an outdoor outlet or almost any electrical device.

Plugzio's mission, since 2016, is to accelerate the adoption of electric modes of transportation by creating the path of least resistance when it comes to charging.

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