With half the price of an iPhone X, have a charger installed at your space!

What is Plugzio?

Plugzio has created the world’s first cellular connected outlet that turns a regular outlet into a consumption monitored outlet that can authenticate and bill users for their usage. Plugzio runs its patent pending outlet on top of the most powerful cloud outlet management platform in production.


What is Plugzio Cloud?

Plugzio Cloud is the most comprehensive cloud management platform to monitor and control electrical assets such as outlets and electric vehicle chargers.


Supporting Electric Mobility

Electric Vehicles

Electric Bicycles


How do we compare?

Level 1 Charging


  • Available everywhere

  • No special training necessary to use


  • Slooow charging

  • NO consumption measurements

  • Breaker trip hazard

Level 1.5 Charging


  • 100km+ of charge every night

  • No transformer upgrade necessary

  • Minimal footprint on electrical panel 

  • Extremely affordable


  • No load balancing, only time sharing

Level 2 charging


  • Charging cable included

  • Load balancing (extra cost)


  • Expensive to run wires to install AND maintain

  • Expensive service fees

  • Heavy footprint on electrical panel and grid


If you commute less than 60km a day, you will be fully charged every morning regardless of how fast your charger is!

Next time someone tries to upsell you on Level 2 charging, remember this chart.

Predefined variables for the chart:

Daily commute distance: 60 km

Weekend travel: 150 km

  • Note: the chart assumes you won't use any other charger at your destination. Which is often not true!

Charging time over-night: 12 hours

  • Note: 95% of your vehicle's lifetime is spent parked! read more

Our Mission

Accelerating the adoption of electric modes of transportation by creating the path of least resistance when it comes to charging.

Some of Our Clients

Simon Fraser University

City Of Victoria

First Service 



Western Pacific Enterprises


Product Types


For spaces with a reliable WiFi network or router.


Included Sim connects to all

LTE-m or 3G networks.


No Network, No Problem! Plugzio Mesh devices know how to share!

Available Product

Plugzio 120V Smart Outlet


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