​Plugzio is the simplest way to solve the electric vehicle charging problem for multi unit residential buildings.

Countless buildings have already switched to Plugzio

Buildings often don't have enough electrical capacity to facilitate level 2 electric vehicle charging for all residents. Plugzio puts the least amount of pressure on the electrical system so more people can have a charger at a nominal cost.

Save Money

Plugzio can be installed just like a regular outlet and therefore doesn't create unnecessarily expensive complexities. By choosing to go with Plugzio you not only save money on the product but also on installation costs.

Re-use Existing Infrastructure

Buildings often have outlets already installed. Plugzio's advanced management technology allows it to be installed as a retrofit to existing infrastructure. Plugzio can automatically manage load on the circuit and prevents a circuit to get overloaded.

Low Maintenance & Fully Scalable

Plugzio devices operate on manageable current levels and therefore are highly reliable and require little to no maintenance. Plugzio devices receive regular software updates to improve functionality over time.

Make your entire building EV ready at 1/7th of the cost

The tallest building in Coquitlam, BC, Canada made their property EV ready for their 1,000 residents at just $700 per space.

Bylaw Policy

We have gathered the best of bylaw documents to share with you. We make sure there is NO reason left to reject your right to charge.

Extract Detailed Reports

Reports extracted from the Plugzio platform includes detailed information about every charging session in the property.

Multi-purpose usage

In addition to EV charging, a Plugzio outlet at a parking space can be used for many other purposes, including but not limited to electric bicycle charging, gas vehicle battery conditioning and/or even vacuum cleaning.

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