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Ecology Action from California, featured Plugzio as an innovative solution for charging electric vehicles in multi dwellings (apartments).

With the proliferation of electric vehicles,  buildings are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for electric mobility charging in a sustainable way.


Plugzio is the simplest and most scalable way to solve the electric vehicle charging problem for multi unit residential buildings.


Recent Apartment Installations

Benefits Of Plugzio For Apartments

  • Plugzio allows you to pay just for your consumption (is this legal?) so you don't have to comply with unfair fixed rates or get blamed for free usage.

  • Plugzio outlets are multi-purpose so anyone in your apartment can use them, not just the EV owners.

  • Plugzio puts little pressure on the building's electrical panel allowing more people to use power without the need for expensive upgrades.

No sharing
  • No need to enforce usage time limits. A Plugzio unit is often installed at a private parking space so no time will be wasted having to move vehicles around to free up the shared chargers and no valuable guest/visitor space will get occupied.

  • With Plugzio you will have permanent access to consistent & predictable charging.

  • By sharing a charging nozzle you will also share the germs. Choose Plugzio for your private space and lower your chance of spreading germs.

Future Proof

2 steps to have an electric vehicle

charger in your apartment

Step 1: Get your council on board.
  • Approach with an outlet request (isn't it slow charging?); Things get unreasonably complicated when any council hears EV charging, so make it simple for them and tell them you want a private outlet at your own space and you will pay for the electricity used.

  • If there are outlets already in your parking garage, ask council whether you can move to those spaces given you will upgrade the outlet to Plugzio and pay for the usage. Some building bylaws allow for parking spaces to be swapped. Besides, you will save on installation if you upgrade an existing outlet instead of adding a new one.

  • If there is an existing outlet to upgrade, it's within council's power to not count the upgrade as a significant change to property; Otherwise, 3/4 owner vote may be required. Here is a bylaw sample to give council independent power to make a decision on EV charging.

Step 2: Give your favorite electrician a call
  • Electricians most often provide free assessments for outlet installations. Every certified electrician already has the proper training and license to install Plugzio so choose your favorite electrician to get an assessment of the cost and the building's electrical capacity.

  • Share the installation manual for Plugzio Integrated or Universal with the electrician or have them contact us or call our toll-free number to place an order or get support: 1-833-plugzio (758 4946)

  • Share the electrician's assessment with the council along with a Plugzio brochure to get their final permission for the installation.

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