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Parking Managers

Plugzio platform allows you to install electric vehicle charging infrastructure in your parking facilities at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional systems.


We make your transition into electric mobility seamless by installing and maintaining a charging solution for you that you can choose to pay all upfront or monthly (no CapEx).

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EasyPark with over 100,000 parking spaces under management has already made the switch and is making money from EV Charging

Full installation cost including 2 Plugzio units: CAD$1,962

247 hours of active charging in the first month

ROI is expected to be in about 1 year

Comparable Level 2 smart charger installation quoted: CAD$11,950 (EasyPark Savings $10,000)


Ways to pay for a Plugzio installation

Capital Expense

You can pay for the full installation and start making money from the installation the next day. Plugzio's mission is to 'make charging affordable' which in turn will allow you to provide EV charging facility in your properties at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.


  • Generate Revenues: Set a rate of usage for users. Rates can be per hour of usage , per kWh, fixed monthly.

  • Recoup Costs: You don't have to incur costs to support the environment, using the Plugzio platform you can instantly accept payments for providing access to electricity (is this legal?).

Operating Expense

We understand parking industry has been hit hard after Covid so even a small amount for an installation may seem unreachable (at least for now). Plugzio or its partners can perform the installation for you at no initial cost (in select parking lots). In return, you will pay Plugzio a fixed monthly fee (under $20) for management (Operational Expense).



  • No Overhead: Plugzio will do all the admin work for you. A detailed report of usage will be emailed to you monthly.

  • Recoup Cost: Plugzio will automatically re-imburse you for the electricity cost consumed by electric vehicles.

Combo Expense

Parking Management companies often have facility crew on payroll. You can purchase Plugzio as a stand-alone unit and have your own facility crew perform the installation. This can save you money given labor makes the majority of any installation cost.


  • Use Existing Staff: Every certified electrician already has the proper training and license to install Plugzio.

  • Speed of Installation: Facility often know the infrastructure by heart which makes the installation go much smoother than a fresh set of eyes.

Where does Plugzio fit?

Plugzio is designed for long-duration parking, as an example reserved parking, work-place parking or over-night parking spaces.


Earn the respect and attention of long-term EV parkers by providing them with a practical way to charge without forcing them the inconvenience of moving their electric vehicles after a set time limit.

Save Money

Plugzio can be installed just like a regular outlet and therefore doesn't create unnecessarily expensive complexities. By choosing to go with Plugzio you not only save money on the product but also on installation costs.

Re-use Existing Infrastructure

Buildings often have outlets already installed. Plugzio's advanced management technology allows it to be installed as a retrofit to existing infrastructure. Plugzio can automatically manage load on the circuit and prevents a circuit to get overloaded.

Low Maintenance & Fully Scalable

Plugzio devices operate on manageable current levels and therefore are highly reliable and require little to no maintenance. Plugzio devices receive regular software updates to improve functionality over time.

Other Benefits of Plugzio

Multi-purpose usage

In addition to EV charging, a Plugzio outlet at a parking space can be used for many other purposes, including but not limited to electric bicycle charging, gas vehicle battery conditioning and/or even vacuum cleaning.

Extract Detailed Reports

Reports extracted from the Plugzio platform includes detailed information about every charging session across your properties.

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Your property, your brand! 

We can white-label the hardware for you at a nominal cost. We will be the invisible hand running your electric vehicle charging operations.

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