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Plugzio Cando OCPP Level 2 Charger

Plugzio OCPP is a load-balanced electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that can provide up to 38 miles of range per hour to every type of electric vehicle plugged in.

Plugzio OCPP on Pedestal.png

Installation Pictures

Hardware Specifications

Voltage: 208 VAC - 240 VAC

Current: 40A continuous load (50A breaker required)

UL, FCC, Energy Star

Basic Features

These features are included in all Plugzio Cloud plans

Consumption Tracking

Track usage consumption (Voltage, Current and Power over time) in a feature rich dashboard. Extract data in Excel format for further analysis & reporting.

Monetize Usage

Start accepting payments by creating payment plans and easily assign them to users and/or devices. Rates can be per hour, per kWh or per activation.

Access Control

Manage & control who can access devices under management. Set usage policies and quotas for each user.

  • How easy is it to install Plugzio?
    Plugzio can be installed by any electrician without additional training, if an electrician can change a light bulb, they can handle Plugzio.
  • What are the warranty and service terms?
    1 year warranty is default with every product. Extended warranty can be purchased at 20% cost of hardware per year. As part of our services, we send you a brand-new replacement product in the extreme rare case that there are any issues with Plugzio that the customer support team can't quickly resolve remotely. This allows us to improve our products while eliminating any service cost and/or downtime for you.
  • How can the property bill for electricity usage?
    You can bill users based on hour of usage (like parking), fixed monthly fee, time of use pricing and more. Plugzio platform automates everything for you. Plugzio takes money from the user based on the rate property has set for usage and auto-deposits the revenue to property taking 0% commissions. Read more at:
  • How electrically safe is the equipment?
    Plugzio is certified as an Industrial Control Equipment (UL 508) so it can handle pretty rough environments. Contact us to learn more.
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